Breaking News For Men and Women Over 55 who are suffering from 
Aged and Painful Joints

Breaking NEW Study Reveals A Drug-Free Way To Ease Pain In As Little As 15 Minutes...

Decades Old NASA Patented Research May Hold the Key to Natural Joint Healing and Inflammation Relief

Hi, I'm an American health researcher, Clint Winters.

And, today, I’m going to show you how to take control of your joint health, once and for all.

Here is my promise to you...

This is not another "me too" solution.

And I am NOT going to try and sell you a single pill or lotion, or another version of turmeric. 

In Fact, this is a brand new approach.
You won’t expect what I am about to tell you.

This is advanced healing technology and now it has been studied “in secret” for decades.

Plus, it recently passed a THREE phase, randomized clinical trial. 

Overall, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that there is a DIRECT way to promote your circulation and aid healing.

… And it all comes down to a single and powerful molecule that can take effect in less than an hour.

Plus, I am going to reveal a terrible error researchers have made for years. 

As it turns out, your joint pain may not be related to your inflamed tissues at all. 

It may all come down to what’s NOT getting to your painful areas. 

I know, that’s a lot to take in.

I’ll explain everything in a moment.

First, Let Me Share the Good News…

In just minutes I’m also going to reveal a simple, “at home” solution that will work to soothe your inflamed and painful joints.

I mean, from day one.

Your inflamed tissues will “tamp down” as you begin to FINALLY feel relief.

Yes, you heard that right…

You’re about to discover the first REAL natural way to ease your inflamed and aged joints without taking pills.

Plus, this innovation was fully clinically proven in a randomized clinical trial.  

It revolves around an old discovery, which NOW has a brand new application. 

One that directly attacks the root cause of your painful joints and tender body tissues.

It works by accelerating your body's natural ability to heal.

Essentially turning back the hands of time to when your body could fend for itself. 

A time when you lived "pain free"

But I have even better news for you today…

You see, this easy, “at home” solution works incredibly fast.

How fast?

Well, in one recent clinical study, there were positive effects in as little as 15 minutes, with substantial effects within 24 hours.

Better yet, results keep improving. 

Think about that, if you had this technology right now, you could fee like a whole new person in less than one day.

And be on the path to feeling better than ever. 

In One Clinical Trial Pain Was Significantly Reduced in 
Just 7 Days...

Think about what that would mean for you…


Finally being able to LIVE again, without painful tissues and joints.

Falling asleep in minutes, then getting up KNOWING you have the ability and will power to get outside and enjoy life.

Finally playing golf again, or getting out on the tennis court.

Heck, even just sitting and watching TV without your mind wandering to your state of agony. 

Now, here’s the surprising part…

Because this new breakthrough does more than simply “dial down” the inflammation you are experiencing.

It actually works to promote healing.

That could lead to “feels like new” joints. 

Imagine that…

Not only reducing the pain you feel on a daily basis but actually being able to LIVE without this issue. 

Actually doing something to promote healing, attacking the damage that has been done over the years.

Imagine feeling like your joints “felt younger” and more mobile.

Yes, this new breakthrough is that BIG…

Because it means you can finally enjoy your life without agony.

And it means you can easily spend time with your spouse – even if they want to take a long walk or go on a hike. 

No pain induced naps

…or turning down your friends because you just “hurt too bad”

…or avoiding family get-togethers because you are in too much pain. 

Or what about finally getting to place with your grandkids again. 

Imagine how it will feel to chat with your kids, grandkids, friends, and family… hearing all the important details about their life.

These are important moments you should protect at all costs

No more saying "No".

In fact, soon after learning the secret. 

Your joint pain – could fade until it’s long out of your mind. 

And you’ll enter a new phase in your life. 

With your joints feeling years, if not decades younger. 

That sounds pretty great… doesn’t it?

But I’m sure it also sounds too good to be true.

So, let me assure you…

Everything I’ve shared with you is 100% true.

In fact, it’s all published in clinical studies – which I’ll share with you in just a minute.

But I admit, when I first saw the research, even I didn’t believe it…

Because this New Breakthrough Goes Against Everything Mainstream Medicine Knows About Your Joints...

And it explains why there is not a solid answer.

It explains why nothing else has really worked for you. 

You see, the truth is, they’ve been getting it all wrong for years.

That’s because they don’t have a clue what causes joint problems – they just treat with pain killers and prescription creams and call it a day.

They want to keep "treating" you, not actually help you. 

Let me explain…

I first uncovered this joint health breakthrough when I saw a scientific report published by the Rothpart Pain Management Clinic.

Now, these guys make money by selling pain pills, yet they published a study on back pain which was simply incredible.

As you know, bad back pain can be debilitating, as it causes excruciating, life-altering pain.

It is purely agonizing…. And for most people, permanent. 

However, they tested a totally different approach, they didn’t attack the pain with pain meds.

They used something NEW and different.

And they tested it on 39 chronic back pain patients

18 received a placebo therapy and 21 received the brand new technology. 

Before the therapy, they performed a pain “interview”. The baseline for the treatment group was pain level was 6.9 out of 10, and the placebo group was 7.4 out of 10.

Then came the shocking results.

After just seven weekly sessions the “treatment” group plummeted to just a 3 out of 10, while the placebo group saw a very minor reduction, down to 6 out of 10.

Now, this was a small study, but these results were astounding.

I mean, back pain is a chronic condition and normally tough to fight.

And the documented improvements were astounding, 50% reduction in just weeks

Imagine if half of your pain just faded away.  

But, that isn’t all.

When investigating this study I found out it has been tested three years previously in 2003 out of Turkey.

They investigated this protocol in relation to painful knees, which is another debilitating condition.

Over 90 patients were tested over 14 weeks and they saw statistically significant improvements and positive results were indicated in all areas including relief, range of knee flexion, duration of morning stiffness and painless walking distance and duration.

Let me reiterate - ALL areas improved. 

Now, here is the part that goes against mainstream science.

As you know, when these issues occur, you are given muscle relaxers and pain killers.

That is standard medical protocol.

However, the root ISSUE still stands - it is just muffled for a short period of time. 

Your aged and damaged tissues STAY aged and damaged.

You aren’t really fixing anything, you are just medicating.

However, these early reports changed everything, and as you will see, it was just the beginning.

This was a glimmer of hope that you could actually attack the root cause of your joint and soft tissue issues and get a resolution.

You can actually feel better without being medicated 24/7.

This is a way to naturally promote healing WITHOUT USING A SINGLE DRUG.

This Discovery Will Give You the Ability to Enjoy Relief And Improved Joint Function, At Any Age…

All you have to do is sit back while I share the science behind this revolutionary joint health protocol.

So, please…

If your joint hurts.

If you have soft tissue like your back and knees that are inflamed.

And they just keep hurting more and more as you age. 

And if you’d do ANYTHING to finally feel relief and get BACK TO LIFE

Give me just 60 seconds now to share the science behind this exciting new solution.

First, however, let me properly introduce myself.

And show you why you should listen to me in the first place.

Like I said, my name is Clint Winters and I am a leading health researcher.

My research has led to the likes of…

Conolidine, the natural pain killer, naturally extracted and derived testosterone and the very first version of naturally extracted growth factors.

My research has helped change thousands of lives, some of which you will read about today. 

But, here is a secret, what I am telling you about today I have been researching longer than all of the other breakthroughs.

This was my “first love” so to say.  

I have more good news.

I’m not a doctor, I’m a known and respected health researcher who is NOT owned by Big Pharma.

My license is not held over my head if it does real research into real solutions.

I can play by my own rules when it comes to delivering information. 

I simply follow the evidence, where-ever it leads, natural or not.

Clinical studies don't lie.

Side Effect listings don't lie.

And I am able to bring you the FULL and HONEST truth that the mainstream wants you to gloss over. 

In fact, most of the information I deliver is not taught in medical school, it has been discovered after years of worldwide research.

I study clinical trials from all parts of the world to find emerging solutions.

Solution exactly like you are reading about today. 

I’m certainly not afraid to go against the grain. 

Over the past decade, I’ve made it my mission to dive deep below the surface…

Find the true root cause of today’s most common ailments…

And develop simple, at-home protocols based on sound science. 

Most importantly, however, it’s also how I learned about this emerging technology

And all of the research that has been piling up for years, even decades.  

All along, we have had an answer to joint pain and tissue inflammation and it’s not a pill or a rub.

It is a way to instantly promote healing

And allow for more function and mobility, while maintaining a feeling of relief. 

First, however, I want you to know…

Despite what you may be thinking now…

I know how you feel.

Joint related pain can feel totally hopeless.

I’ve heard that over and over. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

One day – almost out of the blue – you start to feel an ache. 

One that would fade away in the past. 

But, this time it didn’t 

In fact, it kept getting worse. 

Then, you think back to the knee you hurt while playing football or the shoulder you strained while playing tennis.

Day by day those injuries come back to haunt you. 

“It’ll get better” you think.

And maybe it does… for a couple of days.

But then, it comes back and it feels even worse. 

Now you stop activities like golf or...


Even relaxing at home is painful. 

Before too long, you don’t want to leave your house. 

You are missing family get-togethers. 

Simply moving around is difficult. 

During an especially bad fit, you can barely sit up. 

You buy some supplements.

They don’t work.

Finally, you break down and see the doctor.

You spend a fortune on tests. 

They identify your issues, show you what has “broken down” and suggest a painful surgery.

Which you know will make it worse in the long run.

Or pills.

Pills that will keep you sedated and out of it.

Regardless, your regular life is over.

Your long-awaited retirement is over. 

You either hurt, or you are high - either way, you can’t be cognizant and active. 

Then you start to think, could you have done this differently?

Could you have attacked this sooner? 

Before it affected your life. 

But I want you to know…

It’s NOT your fault.

And you’re certainly not alone…

Reports Show That Up to 54 Million People Suffer From Joint Pain...

And if you’re over 55, it’s especially common.

So why hasn’t anyone figured it out?

After all, with reports showing up to 23% of American adults experience pain at one point or another.

It seems like a big market.

And, based on the stories I’ve heard…

Millions are wanting a way to heal

Yet, all they are offered is temporary pain relief

To date, many of the clinical trials dealing with pain have to do with easing symptoms, not actually healing tissues.

…including many of the herbs and supplements you’ve probably read about – and may have even tried before today.

Again, they are aimed at hiding inflammation.

You see they want to keep treating you and selling you stuff. 

Not helping you to heal, for good. 

And I recently discovered another shocking reason why…

It turns out, they’ve been studying it all wrong. 

They have been treating the SYMPTOMS, instead of the root cause.

As it turns out, only one thing can promote ACTUAL tissue healing


We Now Know The Root Cause of Joint Pain

I am talking about your slowing circulation. 

Until now, doctors have been looking at joint issues the wrong way.

They have been looking at the “tissue” itself.


Most of the time, the only prescribed medication was a pain killer or muscle relaxer.

That may temporarily work, but the joint issues are still there, still inflamed.

Same with supplements…

Most work to bolster the actual tissue.

But recently, doctors have realized they have missed something.

They have “missed” the body's natural healing capabilities.

As it turns out, it was NEVER about the inflamed joints and tissues.

It was about what WASN’T making it to the inflamed joints and tissues.

That alone could turn back the time on your aching joints. 

This is also why your joints were perfectly healthy when you were younger.

Your Blood is Your Ultimate Tissue Healer...

Think about it...

When you get hurt, what happens?

The injury swells, right?

Well, that is your blood rushing to your damaged tissue to get to work.

It comes mobilized, ready to soothe and heal.

In fact, blood specifically carries oxygen to the damaged tissues, induced healing. Oxygen is required for healing.

That is why “hyperbaric” chambers have gotten popular.

The additional oxygen accelerates healing.

However, this is where the issue comes in.

One of the most common side effects of age is poor circulation.

Each day, you are LOSING the ability to heal. 

With Poor Circulation, Your Damaged Tissues Are Literally Suffocating in Pain...

Your inflamed and aching tissues need blood to heal.

As you now know, it is providing an invaluable source of oxygen that your tissues desperately need to thrive.

Without it, they keep suffering and YOU keep suffering. 

And here is the startling fact. 

It is estimated that over 10% of Americans over 60 have documented (diagnosed) poor circulation, but the numbers are likely much higher.
You see, poor circulation normally causes other diagnosed ailments, but the circulation issue itself is left undocumented. 

With that known.

Decreased circulation is linked directly to decreased healing.

This means as your joints age.
And your tissues age

And they hurt more and more

You don’t have blood as your back up. 

This is why your limbs feel cold and your feet and fingers stay white.

Blood is JUST not getting to where it needs to go.

And your joints are at risk.

Major risk. 

But, here is the good news.

All of that can turn on a dime.

As soon as you get your blood supply back, major change can happen.

In fact, there is no easier way to get faster, natural relief than promoting your circulation.

It is really and truly “mother nature's healer”

And there IS a way to get it back safely and naturally.

When that happens...

Your Tissues Heal and Your Pain Simply "Fades Away"

Imagine just pressing your “pain off” switch. 

Imagine it just turning down like gas on a grill, to the lowest setting possible.

That is exactly how your body reacts to circulation. 

As more and more blood makes it to your tissues.

They get healthier and healthier

And heal more and more

When this happens, pain naturally decreases.

And the best part is, this happens as soon as blood makes it to your inflamed tissues. 

Sometimes, you feel a difference from the first few seconds.

This all sounds great, right?

But, there is a profound issue. 

How do you safely and naturally get your circulation back?

You see, normally, circulation pills can be dangerous for aging Americans as they seem to cause heart issues.

That is why THIS breakthrough is so novel.

It is NOT a pill. 

And, there is no risk to your heart. 

NASA Scientists Discover a "Pill Free" Way to Boost Healing Circulation..

Ok, it is time.

I am now going to reveal the secret of this entire report.

The secret to better, safer and healthier circulation.

The trick that will quickly allow you to get your tissues what they need to thrive. 

The secret is FAR Infrared healing light rays.

Let’s start from the beginning. 
These light rays were first found in the 1800s by Sir William Herschel who began to understand that different light rays, had different heat signatures.

This would become very important in today’s research. 

Then, in the 1960s, they were studied by NASA as a safe way to gently induce heat.

Their research found that this specific light ray gently induced heat at a “deep tissue” level, positively affecting the body.
Even then they realized the major circulation benefit. 

In fact, they filed patents on Far Infrared generating inserts for space suits as it helped stimulate cardiovascular function in the absence of exercise (circulation)

Obviously, your heart is what pumps your blood so this was a very early indicator of what circulation benefits were to come. 

But, it was found to have another VERY important function, one that is extremely important to what you are learning about today. 

A function that ties DIRECTLY to your ability to circulate blood.

It Boosts the Nobel Prize Winning “Miracle Molecule”

Now, make sure you read this section close, as it is the KEY to everything.

Science now knows that FAR Infrared DIRECTLY stimulates nitric oxide, which is key for circulation.

In fact, in its own right nitric oxide is called the “miracle molecule” and it is responsible for gently expanding your blood vessels, allowing for more circulation.

Quickly and Safely.

And this is why the discovery of nitric oxide won a Nobel Prize.

But, for you, today, it could be the key to the best joint health of your life.

As you now have a way to stimulate healthier circulation, without taking pills or risking your heart.

As it turns out, your skin just needs to absorb this special type of light ray.

Just imagine, instantly having healthier circulation

Regardless of your age.

More and more blood making it to your inflamed and achy joints, bringing them healing and relief.

This is not a pipe dream, this is science.

Heck, science that was so powerful, NASA filed a patent.

When the NASA Patents Expired, Private Innovation Flourished...

As you know, patents expire.

And that is exactly what happened to NASA. Once their FAR Infrared patent expired, many private companies jumped on this technology.

And, it simply boomed.

Now, all over the world, you have all types of FAR Infrared technologies.

FAR Infrared saunas are popping up all over.

You can go to one locally or buy one for your home.

They are very, very expensive, but very effective.

I personally swear by them.

You also have FAR Infrared heating pads

Even FAR Infrared mattresses for better sleep and recovery.

Again, they are all tremendously expensive. 

And, they are not portable, which is a concern if you have constant joint pain.

What good is relief, if it is only temporary?

And that is why the NEXT discovery is so vital to you today.

It is called Non-Thermal FAR Infrared

Scientists have found that certain rare earth minerals emit this light wave without the need for heat.

This is a HUGE discovery if you are needing 24/7 support and healing. 

Non Thermal FAR Infrared Was First Validated By Harvard Medical School Researchers in 2012

Harvard heard the rumblings of this innovative technology and in 2012 they did a full clinical review.

This review was very thorough, covering over 46 other reviews and clinical studies related to FAR Infrared therapies.  

They started by investigating the light ray itself, where it existed in the light spectrum, and how it penetrated the body.

Then they broke down how FAR actually affects the human body and its absorption rate into human tissues.

They then dove into FAR Infrared and the skin and identified the nitric oxide benefits that have been well documented.

Overall, they agreed the nitric oxide benefits were big and tied to the promotion of circulation
They even investigated how FAR Infrared may attack cancer cells, but that assertion needs much, much more investigation.

Now, here is where things get really interesting...

They were able to validate the presence of rare earth minerals and natural FAR Infrared.

They went as far as investigating early wearable technologies and how they affected joint health.

Overall, they concluded the results were very positive and this emerging technology had a ton of potential.
In the end, they said further studies were warranted.

And if proven…

“Far Infrared (FIR) has real and significant biological effects, then the possible future applications are wide-ranging." 

Not only could bandages and dressings made out of FIR emitting fabrics be applied for many medical conditions and injuries that require healing, but there is a large potential market in lifestyle-enhancing applications. 

Garments may be manufactured for performance-enhancing apparel in both leisure activities and competitive sports areas. 

Cold weather apparel would perform better by incorporating FIR emitting capability and sleeping environments could be improved by mattresses and bedding emitting FIR”

Well, that was in 2012.

More and more research has emerged and more and more results are now being seen.

Today, It is Used in High End Sports Therapy Clinics

First is was NASA

… And then Harvard

And then a ton of well respected, independent research firms.

Now the world is taking notice of this healing technology.
As I have said, FAR Infrared saunas are now all over.

However, you are also seeing this technology pop up in sports clinics.

More and more “healing” machines are featuring a variation of FAR Infrared.

Sports therapy has embraced it.

You have seen Under Armor rolled out infrared “recovery” garments based on the use of Tom Brady.

He admitted that he has used this tech for years to keep his joints fresh and healed even after the onslaught of NFL level hits.
All based around boosting circulation.

Their marketing even describes and notes the Harvard study. 

However, nothing holds a candle to what I am going to show you.

In fact, this has been ten years of testing in the making. 

I Have a Secret, I Have Been Studying this Technology for Over a Decade...

As I have told you, I have been tied to some pretty major research over the last few years, however, I haven’t said much about this. 

I have been studying FAR Infrared since 2010.

In fact, I have been looking at its benefits before the Harvard review.

Once I understood the history and science, I went all out.

I started digging deeper and deeper.

I started finding the origins of this technology, to fully understand its potential.

I started researching natural ways to produce FAR Infrared. 

As each day passed I became convinced this was the future of drug free joint health, circulation and healing.

So I wanted to create my own blend of FAR Infrared generating minerals based on the years of research I amassed. 

A Non Thermal technology that would be more potent than anything that existed.

So, I did test, after test, after test.

For weeks.

Then months.

Even Years.

And once I created the most potent blend I could, one that was more potent than anything tested.

I moved to protect it at all costs.

I Was One of the First Researchers To File a Patent on Wearable Non Thermal FAR Infrared

First, I needed to make this technology wearable, so someone could get effect 24/7. 

So, I took this blend and molded it directly into silicone, that would be worn simply, easily, and fashionably, directly on the wrist.

I made it with rugged, military-grade silicone so it would hold up forever. 

I made it as simple as a wristwatch, but with massive benefit. 

It can be worn 24/7 with no issue. 

Our formula is the same to this day and we regularly test it for Infrared strength. 

Plus, I am still convinced Non-Thermal FAR Infrared is the future of relief.

Even ten years in, I am still only at the tip of the iceberg. 

I saw the results from past trials.
  • Double Blind
  • Placebo Based
  • Board Registered
I read all of the top-notch research. 

And then I saw what happened in my own experiments, with my own blend. 

I physically saw blood vessels gently expand, allowing more blood in.

I saw it happen in real-time on medical monitors.

Here are the actual monitors below.

Imagine your circulation increasing that quickly and that easily as your vessels gently and naturally expand. 
From that lab setting, I also started testing with thermal imaging.

I wanted to see visible proof.

I wanted to see the tissues gently warm and allow blood in, inducing the healing process.

Those photos were shocking and showed just how effective this technology really, really was.

You can actually see how one side is warmer while the FAR Infrared is actively absorbing and gently heating the inflamed area.
I saw the healing effects with my own eyes.

I was totally convinced.

So, I did what many have not done. 

I commissioned a full, third party, double-blind, placebo based clinical study.

I needed scientific validation for what I was seeing in scientific testing.

I wanted to see real medical results so I could share them with the world. 
I needed to know, without a doubt, that these benefits were real and this science was a difference maker.

I needed to know this was a joint health breakthrough. 

Needless to say I was SHOCKED by what happened next.

I Believed in Non Thermal FAR Infrared So Much I Commissioned a Randomized Clinical Trial of My Own

Now, this is a step very few take.

Firstly, it cost me tens of thousand of dollars. 

Placebo-controlled Clinical testing is not cheap and normally reserved for Big Pharma due to the massive cost.

But, I really felt like this technology could be a major breakthrough. 

I knew this could be the future of joint health, but I needed this official proof.

So, my private trial was conducted by a well respected clinical trial firm and it was done with the following guidelines.
  • Double Blind
  • Placebo Based
  • Board Registered
The registration means it follows guidelines that would allow it to be published in an accredited medical journal.

The comprehensive test was geared towards testing overall relief and mobility.

However, I also wanted to test for daily energy and balance as well.

Specific tests for strength and muscle endurance were laid out and approved

Participants were chosen and many suffered from a variety of tissue and joint ailments.
They were handed devices to wear on their wrists.  

Half received placebo and the other half received devices with the active, non-thermal FAR Infrared releasing minerals.

And then, the trial started. 

My Wearable FAR Infrared Innovation Induced Relief In Just 15 Minutes...

The first facet of the study had to do with its specific ability to provide relief. 

Firstly, the methods were submitted and accepted for Institutional Review Board approval.

13 individuals were chosen (11 male, 2 female), with age ranges from 20 - 57.

They had to be overall healthy but suffer from chronic pain.

The pain reported in this trial was shoulder, elbow and wrist pain - with no history of surgery.
Additionally, they were not on any medications.

These subjects were asked to rate their pain on the VAS scale of 1 - 10, and then they were given an “active” FAR Infrared wearable or placebo.

They then were asked again in 15 minutes and 24 hours.

At the 24 hour mark, all wearables were confiscated for a full three days.

This was considered the “Reset” period, so there was no carry over effects. 
After three days the subjects again rated their pain and given the wearable they had not worn.

i.e. The placebo group got an active unit, so on and so forth.

This method prevents biological “learning” which is a type of placebo effect.

After this concluded, all subjects wore the “active” wearable for 7 days.

Upon conclusion the results were astounding.

Firstly, the “active” wearables produced “significantly decreased absolute changes from baseline values at 24 hours and one week”.

The placebo showed no benefit.

This study showed that relief happened in just minutes and got stronger day by day. 

Researchers stated they believe “it is likely to produce a greater and sustained effect when worn for longer periods”

They also noted that participants noted being “more energetic” and having better workouts, likely due to the decrease in pain.

Imagine if you could feel relief in just minutes.

Imagine if you could be HAPPIER and MORE ACTIVE in just 7 days. 

Next, Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Muscle Endurance Were Tested...

For this phase of testing, researchers tested the flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance of 16 healthy subjects (12 male and 4 female).

They were generally healthy, ranging from 20 - 57 years of age.

None had a high fitness level.

Institutional Review Board approval was also obtained for this study.
Firstly, a baseline performance test was conducted on the core functions listed above.

Subjects then waited a week and retested their baseline to ensure the numbers were accurate.

After the second testing, they were given an “active” wearable or placebo, in a randomized format and asked to wear for 7 days.

Here are the incredible average results in just 7 days.
Flexibility: Average improvement of 3.8% and Max Improvement of 15.9%
Hand Strength: Average improvement of 6.1% and Max Improvement of 27.4%
Endurance: Average improvement of 21.8 % and Max Improvement of 66.7%
Now, think about these numbers...

Being 3.8% more flexible could keep you from tearing a muscle and suffering a “hard to recover from” injury.

As we age, a lack of flexibility can lead to many issues. 

Plus, if you are active, the extra few inches on your backswing could prove invaluable. 

Having 6.1% more hand strength could be invaluable in your daily life while opening cans, cooking, or even holding groceries.

Think of it this way, if you were bench pressing 100 pounds, you would add 6 pounds without any other changes.

For anyone who works out, that boost is incredible.

People work months to add five pounds of strength. 

Finally, 21.8% more endurance could mean the world during daily activities.

Shopping could be easier.

Family get-togethers could be more enjoyable as you do more without being fatigued.

Your favorite sports become more enjoyable as your muscles keep up. 

Heck, you may even start beating your friends again. 

These increases could be life-changing to your current quality of life, allowing you to experience and do more. 

Plus, Balance Significantly Improved

To me, this was very important to witness.

According to the CDC

1 in 4 Americans, Over 65, will fall each year.

Every 11 Seconds, a senior is treated for a fall.

Every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. 

These stats are terrifying.

I wanted to take a moment and really focus on this aspect of FAR Infrared.

Balance is so important as you age.

Think about it, you may be “one fall” away from a life-changing event or even death. 

How many people do we know that fell and then never fully recovered?

They were never quite the same. 

That is why this portion of the test was so important to me.

… And the results blew me away.

While using a Non Thermal FAR Infrared wearable, the balance had a standard improvement of 20.3% and a peak improvement of 66.7%.

Heck, the WORST result was still a substantial 6.2% increase

Think about doing something, today, that was clinically proven to give you a 20% better balance.

What if you saw a 66% improvement?

How much safer would you feel knowing you are promoting balance?

That is security.

That is peace of mind.

Now, here is the conclusion that really blew me away.

Nearly Every Participant Saw a Positive Physical Effect Including a Daily Energy Boost

I have to say, from years of studying clinical trials, this is what excited me the most.

It is rare to see nearly 100% of the participants testing a protocol, have success at some level. 

Normally you see big results from some and negative from others.

With Fusion technology, it consistently performed well, across the entire study group.

This is what the researchers found. 

It should also be noted that nearly every participant saw a positive change over baseline, with the average increase being 14.42%.

As researchers stated…

“This consistent effect across all subjects demonstrates that the Fusion wearable has a positive action on nearly everyone that wears it”

They went on to say...

“Conversely, the placebo group produced decreases in more than half of the outcome measures” 

“Furthermore, there was a highly significant difference between the active and placebo bands in all tests of strength, balance, flexibility and endurance”

Even energy levels were reported as “way up” in the active group. 

“In a self report of energy levels, the active Fusion wearable produced a significant
increase in energy that was over twice that of placebo. In addition, the placebo band did not
produce a significant increase in energy levels.

In the end, here is what the researchers concluded…

“This double blind crossover clinical trial shows that the Non-Thermal FAR Infrared wearable produces a highly significant increase in all tests of flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance in 16 healthy humans when worn for one week, which is correlated with a reported increase in energy.

The average percentage increase with the wearable was 14.42%. It is likely that the wearable will produce greater or sustained effects when worn for longer periods.”

With this, I had clinical proof.

Randomized, placebo-controlled, proof. 

This innovative technology had the ability to reduce pain and boost performance and energy.

And all you had to do was touch it to your skin. 

That's it. 

Think about what that means.

That means waking up feeling great, with more energy. 

This gives you the ability to go out and ENJOY life at much higher levels than before, performing at higher levels.

This means you can do something to fight pain without pills. 

Think about it...

If you had NO pain and increased strength, balance, endurance, and energy, what could you dominate?

What type of new life could you lead?

Armed with this clinical knowledge, I started privately spreading the word.

… And in my circle, I watched it change lives.

Thousands of lives...

Over the Next Ten Years, I Have Watched it Fight Joint Pain and Bring Hope to Thousands

Here is why I am so excited.

I have seen this technology work for so many people, in and out of a clinical trial setting.

Real people, just like you and me. 

Heck, I personally use it, daily, with incredible results.

When I am hurt, this is what I use to heal. 

My circulation has stayed healthy for years and I don’t have the slightest inkling of joint pain.

For others with pain, I have seen them gain relief.

And they have done it with no changes.

No pills or creams or crazy diets.

They simply place this technology on their wrist and let it go to work.

Day by day they experience better circulation and healing.

Do you want numbers?

Over the years I have personally helped thousands of people.

I have watched people overcome the pain they thought they would never beat.

Here are just a few of their reviews.
I have posted several more at the bottom of this letter. 

However, today, I am opening this technology up to the world.

I am ready to spread this word and knowledge

Today, I Am Making This Invention Public

For years this has been a private technology.

Invented by me and tested in my laboratory.

Originally, this was just for my individual customers and followers.

But today, that changes.

My non-thermal FAR Infrared devices will no longer be private.

They will now be distributed across the United States. 

And I am doing that because of what we are facing as a nation. 

Joint pain is on the rise all over and so is painkiller use.

I want to make this clinically tested technology available

And that means...

You Are One of Few To Have Direct Access To This Clinically Proven, Tissue Healing Technology

Now you have direct access to this technology, on this page. 

Do not accept imitations, this is one of a kind

Nothing else has been extensively tested for a decade with these types of results.

Nothing else has been laboratory verified

Nothing else is Quality Assured and Shipped right from my private laboratory in Atlanta, GA. 

And certainly, nothing else has been clinically tested and proven like my technology.

This is something I stand behind...

This is something I am proud of...

And I have watched it change lives...

So, without further hesitation...

 I Want to Introduce the Fusion Sport Wristband - Wearable Non-Thermal Infrared Circulation and Joint Support

You now have access to this NASA GRADE technology, bolstering proprietary FAR Infrared technology.
Each wristband is military-grade silicone, mixed with FAR Infrared generating rare earth minerals. 

Powerful FAR Infrared technology that does not require a heat source. 

Wearable technology that is ready to immediately deliver soothing relief. 

Here is the best part, you don’t even need a Doctor’s appointment
This can be delivered safely and directly to your home. 

All because NON -THERMAL FAR Infrared is portable and non-intrusive. 

You can wear it 24/7 and NO ONE will know the difference. 

And you may never need to turn to mainstream ‘solutions’ again.

Solutions like smelly creams and dangerous pills. 

Yes, That’s right…

The Fusion Sport is Wearable Circulation and Tissue Support - Without Having To Take A Single Pill 

Before we start, I must warn you.

Please beware of imitations.  

Nothing has gone through lab testing like Fusion devices.

Nothing else is certified in a FAR Infrared lab.

Or hand-inspected and Quality Assured right in our Alpharetta, GA facility.

But, most importantly, NOTHING else has been proven in a randomized clinical trial. 

… And, as you now know, it is clinically proven. 

However, that is ALSO why this is so muffled. 

Big Pharma hates it and doesn’t want you to see it.

You see “PAIN” is a big business for them, makes them billions a year in toxic drug sales.

They don’t want people to heal

Or feel better naturally.

And they get ESPECIALLY threatened when they see something that is clinically proven. 

Fusion Sport is a powerful and natural answer, backed by real science and testing. 

It's safe, natural, and so easy to use.

Better circulation and relief has never been this close or this easy. 

And it is so comfortable to wear, you will forget you have it on. 

Plus, it’s military-grade silicone is durable so it can hold up to any life adventure.

This is also why I guarantee it for life. 

… And with this type of support, you will finally want to get out and enjoy life. 

All you have to do is slip it on and let it go to work, it even stays on while you sleep giving you the potential of 24/7 relief. 

The next thing you know, you’ll be waking up in the morning, feeling “healed” and ready to take on the day as your blood is pumping healthily and your joints feel better than ever. 

As the science shows, day by day, you will feel less pain as more and more blood gets to your inflamed tissues.

It really is THAT easy.

And when you agree to try the Fusion Sport, I will send it quickly, right to your door, so you can start the accelerated healing process and get the relief you need.

So right now, as I see it…

You have 2 options…

You can continue to hurt and struggle with your aging circulation as each day drags on...

And you keep canceling plans because you ache


You can give the Fusion Sport a try, right away.

And feel the clinically proven effects for yourself. 

You can feel it begin to heal within minutes and get better over time. 


You’ll wake up the next morning feeling better than ever.

Just like those in our clinical trial. 

You DESERVE a deep, healing night’s sleep and days full of fun activities.

You don’t deserve PAIN…. You deserve a way to heal and feel better. 

Just think how much better your retirement will be.

Once you feel your blood starts flowing

…tissues healing... Day after day.

…less and less pain and inflammation.

And then, one day... It hits you... 

You’ll wake up and realize you can’t feel it any longer.

You can no longer feel your aching tissues.

It will be like someone brought you back in time, back when your joints were healthy 

You no longer wake up in agony.

Those days are FINALLY over.

Now, you can get back to living. 

You sleep well and your thoughts move to your future. 

You are ready - what will you do today?

Will you go to play golf again?... Or tennis?

Or maybe enjoy a walk on the beach.

All of these options are NOW available to you as your Fusion Sport keeps promoting your circulation, bringing upon waves of healing and relief. 

Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour it keeps working to knock back pain. 

This is your relief workhorse. 

All you have to worry about is living your new, fun life, full of activities you THOUGHT were over for good. 

Yes! You Will Really Feel That Good

In my opinion, there is NOTHING better than going from “hurt and inflamed” to mobile and pain-free.

It is quite literally a new lease on life, granting you freedom.

Like you were JUST RELEASED from “pain prison”

Are you ready to feel like THAT every single day? 

If the answer is YES… I need to do one final thing. 

I Need to Reconfirm How Safe This Is

Feeling good does NOT come with a side effect or a compromise.

Non-Thermal FAR Infrared is one of the safest technologies in the world.

Remember- people soak in FAR Infrared daily in therapeutic saunas all over the world.

It is all positive with ZERO negatives. 

This is like “laser pointing” those healing rays right where you need them, right where YOU hurt. 

And remember…

Using the Fusion Sport is so, very easy. 

You don’t “do” anything, or have to remember anything at all. 

All you do is slip it on, and let it work. 

In fact, many users slip it on and never take it off. 

No other “hoops” to jump through, refills, or life changes. 

Just put it on and let it go to work. 

And, I promise you this, you will forget it is on.

That happens to me all of the time. 

…It is so simple and comfortable to use, I forget it is there. 

You don’t even have to take it off when you shower unless you want to clean it.

Plus, this thing is nearly indestructible. Military-grade silicone, ready to take a beating. 

The next thing you know, you’ll be waking up in the morning, ready to conquer your day and any new adventure in your wake.  

And this isn’t some far fetched dream…

Others, just like you, are living this way RIGHT NOW, because of the clinically proven Fusion Sport. 

Today I’m going to make this your reality.

But there’s one thing…

If you think developing this portable technology was tough. 

…finding Fusion products in any store will be downright impossible!

That’s because…

You’re NEVER going to see Fusion technology at your local drug store, vitamin shop or health store.

We simply can’t produce enough.

The Non-Thermal FAR Infrared producing rare earth minerals are just that “rare”.

We can barely keep up with demand as it is right now.  

We refuse to compromise our product for profit. 

So – the only place you can get your Fusion Sport wristband is through this page today.

But just because you can’t find this healing technology sitting on the shelves of your local drug store…

Does not mean it’s difficult to get your very own…

Because today, you can get it delivered straight to your door with ZERO hassle. 

Living Joint “Pain-Free” Has Never Been So Easy

This special technology is changing lives, and it has been since our first prototype in 2010.  

It has evolved leaps and bounds since then. 

And in just a second, I’ll show you how to get your very own Fusion Sport. 

But first…

As I mentioned earlier, we are finally blowing the roof off this clinically proven technology. 

Remember, it's been virtually UNKNOWN to the public for decades as it was only used in the very prominent corners of our society.

NASA filed patents before the world knew what they had found. 

It was held as a “secret” healing solution only used in top clinics for top dollar.

So, unless you were an elite or top-level athlete, this was never offered.

Hell, the pharmaceutical companies shied away too as it bit into their market badly.

They don’t want to SOLVE pain, they want to TREAT pain - FOREVER.

… And then we kept it quiet as we honed, tested, and even clinically proved the technology benefits. 

But today is your day.

 Over 99.9% of the population – including most doctors and medical experts…

…have not heard about Non-Thermal FAR Infrared technology.

I’m sure this has never been offered as an option. 

Yet, Harvard called in the “future of medical devices and sports apparel”

Right now, you are in a class all by yourself. 

But when they do find out. 

I worry that our limited supply will vaporize. 

Because “word” on stuff like this does not stay quiet for long.

And when word starts to spread today…

I Guarantee We Will Sell Out Fast

And when I say fast…

I’m not talking about a few days…

I mean in just a matter of hours the inventory we have, could be totally gone. 

And since I always put quality over sales…

Fusion Ionz products are only produced in small batches…

Then each and every one of it is Quality Assured and tested in our testing facility and packaged right in our Atlanta, GA warehouse. 

And I can’t stop the growing demand. 

Remember, this Fusion Sport is based on past NASA technologies. 

It was then reaffirmed by and extensive Harvard review.

After that, I PERSONALLY proved it’s validity with my own, three-phase, placebo based, randomized clinical trial. 

And remember… 

If you seek THERMAL FAR Infrared, you will pay thousands for a sauna, or hundreds for a single therapeutic visit.

Honestly, the technology in the clinically proven Fusion Sport is clearly worth hundreds, if not more.

As you NOW know, this is one-time purchase, the effectiveness is guaranteed for life.

This may be the most advanced “healing secret” in recent history.

In the past, Fusion Sport have been sold easily for $150, and sold out in JUST minutes.   

Even though they are an extreme value at $150, I felt like that some may not be able to afford that price point.

So, today, on this page only, I am offering you an INSTANT rebate, valued at $103.

Today, you will only pay $47 and... 

... And This Single Purchase is Good For Life

A One Time Purchase of $47, will last you forever.

You see, these FAR Infrared minerals have a 200-year half time, which means they won't wear out during our lifetime.

In fact, the first blends that I tested in 2011 are still active today. 

This is an incredible value.

You will ONLY have to buy the Fusion Sport one time. 

I even GUARANTEE it for life...

If it wears out or you feel like it lost effectiveness, I will replace it right away. 

If it breaks, I will send you another one, no questions asked.

If you wear it out, due to how great you feel daily, I will send another.

$47 will literally cover a lifetime of non-thermal FAR Infrared relief. 

Cool, right?

But, at that discount, they will FLY out of stock. 

And, unfortunately, it could be MONTHS before I can get more in our Atlanta warehouse. 

So, if you want your own supply, you must ACT NOW. 

In fact…

Thousands of seniors have already given the Fusion Sport a try and the RAVE reviews won’t stop pouring in…

Here is what they are saying… 
I have posted even more below

Are you ready to begin healing, too?

Here’s what you need to do to secure your own Fusion Sport. 

In just a minute, you'll see a big “Claim your Fusion Sport” link at the end of this presentation…

Click it right away, so we don’t sell out.

As soon as you do, you’ll be taken to our very secure order form…

Where you can reserve your own Fusion Sport. 

Just fill out your information and I’ll send you your wristband right away. 

And, when you get it, put it on right away… like immediately. 

You want to let it get to work as soon as possible.

As you know, the results can come fast. 


Fusion technology works as soon as it touches your skin.

You will stimulate nitric oxide and your blood vessels will very gently expand allowing more blood to circulate. 

And This Will Promote Relief 24/7, Without You Having to Lift a Single Finger...

Within hours you will feel a difference. 

Within a single day, you may feel better than you have in years.

And just like the clinical testing showed...

As the days go by the results will keep getting better…

And you start to realize... 

You feel younger and healthier than ever.

Agony has been replaced by a desire to have fun and get out and enjoy life. 

Don’t be surprised if your family starts asking you some questions…

Don’t worry, they’ll be questions you actually want to hear:

“I’ve never seen you with so much pep in your step, what have you been doing?!”…

You’ll just smile…

It’s up to you if you want to tell them your little secret.

And please know – when you secure your Fusion Sport – it’s at absolutely NO risk to you…

I firmly stand behind this product. 

And you are always covered by...

Full and Complete 90 Day 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

The same one I have had since 2011

Overall, I really, really want you to try this out.

That means…

If you don’t…

…feel an increase and circulation

…feel like your tissues are healing.

Or becoming more mobile. 

Or you don’t wake up the next day with more energy than a kid on Christmas morning…
Then you get back every single penny of what you pay today.

No questions.

No hassles.

No excuses.

No fine print.

Just send your current order back (even if it's worn out) and I’ll give you a prompt refund.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

My seasoned team is here and ready to help!

We are nearly ten years old and maintain an A-Plus with the BBB.
You can call my highly rated and dedicated US support team and they will be there to help every step of the way. 

And they are all directly employed and located right in Atlanta, GA.

Here is their phone number: 1-888-964-5327

Plus, they are solely educated on our products, they are not outsourced. 

We even have live chat, for a much faster response. 

Here are some comments about our Top Notch Support
So, allow me to fully confirm. 

Even if it has been worn to oblivion. 

You can still get a FULL and COMPLETE refund.

That’s my 100% guarantee.

And I take that promise extremely seriously, just as I have for years. 

I want you to try this to the farthest extent possible for a full and complete 90 days so you can really experience the benefits. 

You can always return it for a prompt, full refund.

There’s absolutely no risk for you.

You have my word on that.

But I know that once you see the change Fusion Sport makes to your life…

I’m talking about feeling BETTER and more nimble than you have in years...

I guarantee, sending it back will be the farthest thing from your mind…

In fact, most people call us, begging to order more for themselves, friends, and family. 

So Please Click the Link Below to Claim Your RISK-FREE Fusion Wristband

But wait…

Because things are about to get even better…

Once you claim your Fusion wristband.

The next thing you know it’ll arrive directly at your doorstep…

…for FREE.

That’s right… you won’t pay a single penny for shipping.

Because I am paying it for you. 

No questions asked.

Plus, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

You are 60 Seconds Away From a Life of Relief

As a quick reminder….

Here’s everything YOU will get when you begin wearing the Fusion wristband. 

Remember, this technology is proprietary and full clinically proven for 
  • Pain Relief
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • ​Flexibility
  • ​Muscle Endurance
  • ​Daily Energy
  • Pain Relief
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • ​Flexibility
  • ​Muscle Endurance
  • ​Daily Energy
And again, this clinical study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. 

I paid tens of thousands out of my own pocket to have this proven. 

There is NOTHING else in the world like the Fusion Sport.

This is 24/7 Healing technology, designed to promote ongoing relief. 

AND you will actually FEEL and PERFORM better. 

Just like those that tested this technology.

… And the thousands of other happy customers who continuously thank me and send me reviews.  


I guarantee every wristband FOR LIFE.

That way you never have to worry about hurting it, even as you become more and more active.

You see, as you FEEL better, you will want to get out and door more. 

So, have fun, get rough… I have you covered. 

And remember…

Fusion Sport is a 100% NATURAL, Drug-Free solution.

It’s safe, and you never need to see a doctor. 

That’s so easy - all you have to do is put it on. 

But, I do have a bit of bad news...

With a HUGE instant discount of $103, these will sell out quickly.

In fact, others are cashing in their discount as you finish reading this.

Not to mention a generous 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

Full and Complete Lifetime Warranty


You have ZERO RISK.

But, I also have to limit this offering due to demand as I can only manufacture so many per year. 

So, as of RIGHT NOW, your $103 INSTANT CREDIT is active,  but it will expire in...

So please, don't let the timer hit "0".

Sadly, I can't extend this large of a discount.

There's no reason for you to not give the Fusion Sport a Try today

So please, click the link below to get started now. 

Here’s to your new active life, full of healthy circulation and relief. 

I’m Clint Winters and I appreciate your time. 

(You can review your order before you submit)
P.S. I know, as of right now, there are nearly 200,000 people reading this page and we don’t have NEARLY that many Fusion Sports.  

With this big of a discount, they will go very, very quickly. I would not click away, I would ensure your reserve yours now before they are totally gone. 

If you would rather speak to someone, you can call 1-888-964-5327

If you would like to read more reviews, you can find those here
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